Visitors, by appointment, are welcome at the Dandyland studios, where current and some selected earlier works are available for purchase. Collectors interested in a particular piece, genre or theme, pre-existent or to be commissioned, are encouraged to call or email for more information. Pieces created for Rookwood Pottery are available at the Rookwood showroom in Cincinnati, Ohio, and from their online catalog.




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1944 Campground Road
Somerset, Kentucky 42501

606 219-3140

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Dan Dutton Archive

Dan Dutton Archive website

Looking for something from the old Dan Dutton website? Enjoy a trip down the rabbit hole!

Dutton began creating art as a small child (a painting of a bird on a chip of wood dates to his third year) initiating a life-time of production of visual, musical and narrative art. He began to sell his work in his mid-teens, constructing the first of two studios on his famly's farm at seventeen. His first museum shows, at the Berea College Art Museum, and the Speed Art Museum, were in the mid-80s.


My artistic interests are situated at the intersection of visual, musical and storytelling arts.


Traditional teachers: Joe and Cebah Dutton, Jean Ritchie, Minnie Mayfield, Chapel Wallin, Willenna Broyles, Chisato Ejiri, Oya Fumilayo, Kakuho Ohashi, Walker Calhoun, Oe Nobuyuki


A compete list of career highlights.

The Ballad Project

12 Ballads : (alternate versions; for 21C museum)

Barefoot Ballads; Disc 1 - Rose & Briar

Barefoot Ballads; Disc 2 - A Murder of Crows

Barefoot Ballads; Disc 3 - Pull, Pick, Pluck

The Secret Commonwealth

The Approach of the Mystery (coming soon)

Love & Time (live/video, available from KET)

Love & Time (live recording)

Love & Time (studio recording) now available on iTunes and from CD Baby.

The Road (live/video, available from KET)

The Road (studio recording)

The Changeling & the Bear (live/video, available from Kentucky Educational Television (KET)

The Changeling & the Bear (studio recording)

Other projects

Torch Songs (available April 2006)

4 Elemental Dances: Owl Music, Wading I Ching Garden, Wind Song, Bass of the Flame (studio recording)

The Best of Cowboy Dan (studio recording)

Cyclopedia (3 CDs, selections from 1997 to 1990

Data loss, Degradation & Noise: The Slugs (1974 to 1984)